Rope Group Workshop

Christchurch Rope Group Presents Nawa Musubi

Friday, May 01, 2020 · 7:00 PM – Sunday, May 03, 2020 · 5:00 PM

Limited Spaces


    • The Hangar


    • $450 per couple- entire workshop, see pricing structure for other options

Dress code:

    • Rope friendly


    • Friday 1st May/Introduction (evening only)
    • Saturday 2nd May/Day 1 (full day)
    • Sunday 3rd May/Day 2 (full day)

Christchurch Rope Group is very excited to be hosting @Nawa_Musubi [] for our first workshop of 2020.

Fundraising in 2019 has enabled CRG to cover the cost of bringing Nawa Musubi to Christchurch so you get the benefit of learning from two very amazing, experienced riggers, one of which also harbours a wealth of knowledge and skill in rope bottoming.

Spaces are limited so prompt registration is recommended

Pre-requisites will need to be met, if you are unsure or unknown to CRG please contact @Stamper69

This workshop is suitable for those already at an intermediate to advanced level of tying within the Japanese style. Nawa Musubi have a unique talent in teaching groups with multiple skill levels, so we are certain that no matter whether you have just begun your journey in rope suspension or have been tying for many years you will gain a lot from this workshop.

Prerequisites are:

  • A suspension worthy TK/harness suitable for the model you are tying
  • Safe use of appropriate lock offs, competent upline handling and excess rope usage
  • Good understanding of basic frictions and knots
  • Ability to communicate well as a tying partnership
  • Willingness to learn and have fun

Equipment required:

  • 8x 7-8m natural fibre rope, plus various short lengths if possible
  • Minimum 4 carabiners
  • (Using a ring is fine but line management could become an issue during some ties)

Friday evening 7-9.30pm.

This will be an introduction to the Kinoko variant of 3 rope TK, with an opportunity to learn new tips and tricks and have your TK critiqued by Jake. If time permits we may also cover Kinoko's 3 point hip harness.

Attending this session will greatly enhance your workshop experience

Saturday 10am-5pm (1 hour lunch)

Day 1 will be kept to intermediate level ties and suspensions

Sunday 10am-5pm (1 hour lunch)

Day 2 will delve into more advanced skills/ties and transition sequences

Each day will begin with a 30min rope bottom warm-up with Laced_with

Class content details will be updated as confirmed.

Pricing Structure:

  • Whole weekend/all sessions- $450
  • Friday evening only- $50
  • Day 1 only- $175
  • Friday evening & Day 1- $225
  • Saturday and Sunday only- $400
  • Prices are per tying pair
  • (Please note, Day 2 can only be attended if you have participated in Day 1 also)
  • Payments by 17 April


Nawa Musubi Presenters

@laced_with []

Laced has been a rope bunny since 2015, gaining experience as a model thanks to classes, workshops, and travelling to Japan modeling for private intensives and performances.

She loves the consistency of modelling for classes and workshops, and with her wealth of experience she assists in the running of Nawa Musubi, sharing knowledge and helping models in particular as much as possible during classes.

Laced has been learning to tie since late 2016.

Her major rope loves are twisted suspensions, bendy things and anything that can take her that little bit further in that rope moment.

@--Jake-- []

Jake has been playing with rope for some time, but it was only in 2015 when he started seriously training in shibari.

After studying Kazami-Ryu for a few years he decided to continue training with Kazami himself in Japan.

Through the randomness of the universe he ended up meeting Hajime Kinoko while in Tokyo. Shortly after Kinoko asked if Jake would like to be instructor.

As a result, Nawa Musubi was started in 2018 where Jake and Laced teach Kinoko’s Ichinawa curriculum.

Jake continues to develop his own style of shibari, incorporating pieces from all the people he has studied under, as well as using the invaluable knowledge from a rope models perspective that Laced provides.