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MAY 2019 - Workshops

We're excited to be having Jerry (MrLuckiesRope), coming down in May to run some workshops for us, which should help us all learn some new skills.

There will be something for everyone in this, and at a cost which is unusually affordable for guest presenters running workshops.

The event is now live and updated to include details on what he will be teaching, and includes the registration form, so you can head on over and get set up for a great weekend of workshops.

And, as a small aside for those looking to get some rope, he is also the best NZ source of well treated, tying ready rope. So hit him up, as I'm sure he can help clear the "buying rope" confusion that is so common for those getting started.

The Christchurch Rope Group is a local, community-run rope group for those of all skill levels in Christchurch, New Zealand. Our goal is to provide a safe place for everyone to come and learn the art of Japanese rope bondage or Kinbaku/Shibari.

The group hosts a wide range of events aimed at novices and advanced riggers alike. You can find a description of the common events on the Our Events page. You can also see the latest schedule for these events and special happenings on our Events Calendar page.

In trying to make Japanese rope bondage accessible to everyone, we aim to keep our costs as low as we can, where possible. Most of our events cost $10 or less on a pay as you go basis, however, we also offer a monthly membership that costs $40 and covers all standard events for the month.

If you would like to get in touch with us and ask any questions at all, or if you would like to meet with someone prior to attending an event.


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