Nino (Aka nino_nz)

Nino is passionate about rope, and loves to encourage those who are interested in learning to tie or be tied.

She strongly believes that anyone can be involved in rope regardless of age, size, sexual orientation or gender.

Sonx is a rope aficionado who prefers to tie in a more traditional Japanese aesthetic. He's been learning and tying shibari for 2 years and is constantly trying to improve and evolve his understanding of rope.

He believes his skill level sits in the intermediate range, where you suddenly realise how little you really know, and start truly learning.

Boots (AKA TheBoots)

Boots has been pursuing rope bottoming since 2014 and enjoys exploring the awkwardness and stress rope bondage has to offer. Having finally settled in Christchurch, Boots has been working to make rope a bigger part of her life. In addition to enjoying rope bottoming, Boots is excited to further the local self tying community in CHCH by organising the Self Tie Social!

j (aka little_j)

j has been rope bottoming for Bear since 2014, and dabbling in self-tying since late 2015. She is actively involved in trying to progress rope bottoming education, as well as in facilitating safe and thorough negotiation for kinbaku. She performed with Bear at 2015 Fetishball (NZ) and is looking to share her experiences with bottoms and riggers alike.

Bear (aka Arthtbondagebear)

Bear started running a once a month Skill Share late in 2015. This has slowly grown to become the Christchurch Rope Group.

Bear has been rigging since 2008. His passion of helping those that have an interest and a drive to learn more about rope is what helps the group continue to grow in both skill and size.


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