Rope GROUP Values

Core Values

Our values are meant to support us as a community: Courtesy and Respect, Reducing Risk, and Upholding Consent. These three values help our rope group do more of what we love for longer!

We are a part of Uncommon Bonds and as such, often look to the UB Ethics Committee to help provide accountability and oversight when we encounter challenging decisions and interactions.

Courtesy and Respect

We believe that anyone who enters this rope space deserves courtesy and respect. We demonstrate this value in how we speak to each other, how we treat others personal space, how we leave the venue, and the way we treat the personal boundaries of others in the group.

Many of us have developed close relationships over time and are tactile and familiar with each other! All of these relationships have started with a ‘may I hug you?’ ‘do you mind if I touch you and your rope?’ Or ‘May I watch from close up?’ We love when people ask first. The answer may be no, or not right now, or yes, and we appreciate being given the opportunity to have those conversations

Reducing Risk

We believe that rope bondage carries inherent risks. The level of risk varies from activity to activity, but is almost always present and as such we do our best to manage and reduce risk wherever we can. We demonstrate this value in how we communicate, in the importance we place in education, in using the right equipment for the activity, and all rope group attendees working within their skill level.

The risk inherent to rope is, like most things, a spectrum with some activities more so than others and we do consider it edgeplay.

We as a group prefer that those more edgy areas are not done in the space without good safety and training being in evidence. As such, we may ask what training and precautions are in effect when people are engaging in riskier aspects of rope play, to confirm they are competent enough to do so in our spaces.

We may be able to help you do something more safely or point you to more effective equipment or resources.

Please be aware that if we observe something that appears to be able to cause immediate injury- whether from a piece of equipment or a tie- we will step in and ask you to pause or stop.

Upholding Consent

We believe in the importance of informed, enthusiastic, ongoing consent. Whether you just walked in and want to learn, whether you’re an existing tying pair, or attending a workshop, we believe that you should be given the opportunity to give or withhold consent. We demonstrate this value by asking first, respecting an answer the first time, and creating a listening environment. We believe that any person in the rope group, whether a new student, lasting member, admin, or instructor should always ask before touching a person or their equipment. We believe that all parties should be as informed as possible before beginning any activity, and we believe that anyone in a tying experience should be able to change their mind without explanation and that things should stop as safely and as quickly as possible. The consent of rope tops and bottoms are equally important. Just like a rope bottom, if a top says no, or that they’re uncomfortable, their word should be accepted and they should not be pressured to perform in any way.

Our hope is that by living these values, we will foster an open and inviting space to pursue the path of rope.

Group Safety Rules:

Any person tying, whether partnered or solo, should have safety shears within easy reach or on their person.

Any person suspending or tying outside of a beginners class must have a safety cutting tool easily accessible on their person. We can provide a spare pair for purchase or borrowing if necessary.

Any person suspending must be able to confidently set up and check their own* safety equipment. When suspending at CHCH Rope Group we ask that any equipment above the rope be built and rated for suspension purpose.

*we have several points set up with corresponding equipment that are free for use under the discretion of the rope group and people tying


The CHCH Rope Group has a reserve of extra rope, shears, and hard point components to lend to new members! Please ask us and we will show you what we have available and help you sign it out should you be taking it home.

We also have beginners rope kits available for purchase upon request.


All of our rope admins have attended workshops and classes to ensure they posses sufficient command of the techniques needed to suspend another person as safely as possible. They and their tying partners understand and accept the physical risks inherent in rope bondage and suspension. We ask that anyone working toward suspension at the CHCH rope group do so with regular check-ins from one of the rope admins to ensure they are learning how to do so within their skill set and as safely as possible. Anyone suspending at rope group does so at their own risk and should undertake to reduce that risk as much as possible through education, practice, using rated equipment, and utilising mats and safety shears.

Rope Group is an excellent space for those practicing a new skill to seek guidance and supervision. We encourage anyone to reach out to the group beforehand if they’d like a safety spotter or to have their new technique observed for coaching. We strongly encourage anyone seeking one-on-one help to reach out beforehand so we can make sure someone will be prepared.