Orientation & Etiquette

Held after each Munch


If you need to sit an Orientation & Etiquette Workshop we hold these after each Monthly Munch and on some occasions where Volunteers are available, before a Party. 

These workshops are FREE and run by Volunteers in the community, these Volunteers are not paid and have social commitments. We recommend you attend an available workshop when the opportunity arises, to give you the future ability to attend a UB Party.

It is your responsibility to arrange and attend a workshop prior to a UB Party.

Attendance is mandatory for anyone attending a UB Party.


If you’re still struggling with consent just imagine instead of initiating sex you’re making them a cup of tea

Read more on Consent HERE

These are standards expected for UB Play Parties.

Etiquette customs differ slightly in different circles. 

At UB, the basics are:

General rules of etiquette are:

Going to a Party.

Confidentiality, what happens at a party and who with, stays at the party. 

Do not touch people. 


Do not sexually harass people.

DMs - Dungeon Monitors.

At the party, relax, be yourself, be open and friendly. 

Do not intervene in scenes.

Be quiet while scenes are going on, or go to the social space to chat! 

Leave space for the top to move, swing a flogger, etc. during a scene. 

Do not, ever touch or get too close to the bottom.

Do not join in scenes, even if it looks like they are free-for-alls. 

Do not touch people's toys.


Do not hog play furniture for hours on end with your own scene. 

Clean up play furniture or play areas when you are done using them. 

What to do if you experience or see bad behaviour

Points to note:

If you are new to UB
have a read of our:  I am new advice PAGE