And Events

Going to a Party for the first time?

A few things to know:

  • Anyone over the age of 18 years is welcome to join us

  • Look at the event listing and find out

      • Which group is running the party

      • How you register, it can be a variety of ways from email, Fetlife or a Google form

      • Fetlife normally has the most up to date list

      • Cost

  • For UB Parties you will have to complete a

  • A theme or dress requirements is normally listed on the event, if in doubt wear black. If you show up in normal clothes, you may be refused entry.

  • Location is normally sent out by email, just before the event (48 hours)

  • Some events are priced low and you are asked to bring a plate of food to share

  • The hosts of a party are not paid and are all volunteers, please be respectful of this

  • If you are playing, understand about "Drop" for you and your play partner.

What to expect at a party

  • Arrive and check in at the door, only registered people and not the public will be allowed in to the event

  • If you have been asked to bring a plate, drop this off in the social area

  • Find the nominated place to store your play bags and jackets

  • There will be a safety briefing by the hosts and DM's at the start of the night

      • Fire exits

      • Safety Area

      • Safeword (we use any variation of safeword, or red)

      • Who the DM's for the night are (DM's decisions are final on any play)

      • Details of the nights events

  • You will be shown the social, play and recovery areas.

  • Some venues may have private play space

  • Have fun and socialise and get to know people in the social area

  • If you are watching in the play area, please remember to be quiet

  • Food and soft drinks will be available through out the night

  • You are welcome to watch any play

  • Excessive use of alcohol, or any drugs are not permitted

  • If you can, help with the pack down at the end of the night, you will make more friends

  • What happens at a party, stays at a party

Drop & Aftercare

If you are a top or bottom, you may suffer from "drop", be ready for this!

Drop (sometimes called sub drop, dom drop and "The Mondays") is an experience with similar characteristics of depression that occurs after an intense SM scene. It is caused by adrenaline and endorphin crashes after the adrenaline and endorphin spikes that may occur during a scene.

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