Going to a Party for the first time?

A few things to know:

  • Anyone over the age of 18 years is welcome to join us
  • Look at the event listing and find out
      • Which group is running the party
      • How you register, it can be a variety of ways from email, Fetlife or a Google form
      • Fetlife normally has the most up to date list
      • Cost
  • For UB Parties you will have to complete a
  • A theme or dress requirements is normally listed on the event, if in doubt wear black. If you show up in normal clothes, you may be refused entry.
  • Location is normally sent out by email, just before the event (48 hours)
  • Some events are priced low and you are asked to bring a plate of food to share
  • The hosts of a party are not paid and are all volunteers, please be respectful of this

What to expect at a party

  • Arrive and check in at the door, only registered people and not the public will be allowed in to the event
  • If you have been asked to bring a plate, drop this off in the social area
  • Find the nominated place to store your play bags and jackets
  • There will be a safety briefing by the hosts and DM's at the start of the night
      • Fire exits
      • Safety Area
      • Safeword (we use any variation of safeword, or red)
      • Who the DM's for the night are (DM's decisions are final on any play)
      • Details of the nights events
  • You will be shown the social, play and recovery areas.
  • Some venues may have private play space
  • Have fun and socialise and get to know people in the social area
  • If you are watching in the play area, please remember to be quiet
  • Food and soft drinks will be available through out the night
  • You are welcome to watch any play
  • Excessive use of alcohol, or any drugs are not permitted
  • If you can, help with the pack down at the end of the night, you will make more friends
  • What happens at a party, stays at a party