Plus Orientation & Etiquette Workshop

Next Munch: Tuesday 14 february 2023

The Cuban

236 St Asaph St, Christchurch, New Zealand

What happens at a UB Munch

Turn up from 7pm

At 7.30 pm a member of UB will run the "formal part" of the evening running through:

  • Welcome & Introductions

  • Gold coin collection

  • Previous Events

  • Coming Events

  • Bank Balance

  • Any other business

  • Use Slido to ask questions

Then social time to catch up and meet people - this is what a Munch is for, to meet people offline and get to know the community.

If you arrive late (after 8pm), there is a chance people will ignore you, as you missed the introductions. Come say hello and introduce yourself.

The Munch typical winds up about 9.30 pm.

Food Menu

Food is available at the Cuban all evening.

FFB Pop Up Food New.pdf


We try to make munches as friendly as possible and we all understand the big step of coming to your first Munch and people can seem intimidating in their own bubbles of friends.

Munches 2022-23 & Much Theme

Munches are on the second Tuesday of the month.

12 December 2023
- Survey for 2024

14 November 2023
- Cup Week

10 October 2023

12 September 2023

08 August 2023
- Election Party Planning

11 July 2023
- Election Results

13 June 2023
- Election Voting

09 May 2023
- Election Starts

11 April 2023

14 March 2023
- Spanks Party Month

14 February 2023

28 January 2023
- Picnic Munch

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