General policies


  • You must be 18 years of age, or older to join.
  • We ask all UB Members to join the UB Mailing list so we have a central method of communication.
  • We’re a social group of friends, with a common interest, and we need to be comfortable with you being part of our group.
  • We reserve the right to refuse membership of the group, or entry to any event run under the group name, at any time.
  • If your behaviour makes other people uncomfortable, we’ll talk to you about that and give you the opportunity to change.
  • If, in the end, you can’t fit in, you’ll need to go elsewhere. The comfort of the majority of the group comes first!
  • If you break the rules, you’ll be spoken to about it and given a chance to put your side of the story. Depending on the seriousness of the breach, you’ll have another chance to get it right, or in some cases, you’ll be told you have to leave.
  • If you have a conviction of any kind, and particularly for a violence or sexual offense, you’ll need to disclose this up front. That way a decision can be made on allowing you to join or not.
  • If you are already a member, and you are indicted with these sorts of offenses, you’ll be immediately suspended from attending group events, and irrespective of the outcome of any court case, you may well be told you cannot continue as a member.


  • UB promotes safe, sane and consensual BDSM.
  • UB cannot be responsible for the actions of individuals in private situations. Claims of years of experience or membership of the UB group is no guarantee of experience or safety.
  • We recommend you take every possible action to ensure your own safety when meeting a potential BDSM partner, including checking references within your local BDSM community.


  • UB Members can borrow and use UB Equipment for non commercial uses.
  • Commercial use of equipment must be approved by the Steering Committee and a cost may be charged for the hire.
  • Safety Equipment and Consumable items will not be available for hire.
  • UB Parties have priority over individual members or other groups, contact Ubsteering@gmail.com
  • Report all damage or issues with the equipment.
  • Gear to be returned within 48 hours of a party.
  • Gear to returned in a neat and tidy manner to the storage area.


  • The Election Process starts at the May Munch.
      • Communications by the UB Mailing List, UB Website and Fetlife Group.
      • The June Munch will be known as the Election Munch.
      • Voting information will be sent to everyone on the UB Mailing List (prior to the Election Process Starting)
  • Process:
      1. Notification to everyone Registered on UB Mailing List
      2. Nominations
      3. Acceptance of the Nominations by the individuals nominated
      4. Voting
      5. Announcement of Committees
  • Committees take office from the July Munch.
  • UB Members eligible to vote and be nominated are people that have attended a minimum of two UB events in a 12 month period and live locally.
  • Terms of Office - Steering Committee
        • 5 Members
  • Terms of Office - Ethics Committee
        • 5 Members

Financial Accounts

The UB Financial Accounts will run 1 May to 30 April, as per the recommendation of the groups Accountant.

UB Website

The UB Website is set up as a central source of information for UB members, separate from other social media companies.

Google Analytics monitors the relevance and use of this website and is reported at the Munches.

Content can be added by contacting the Steering Committee online or at a Munch.

Content must be relevant and uptodate benefiting the community.