Sensual SIG (Special Interest Group)

What is SeN SIG?

Exploring the spectrum range of sensuality and sexuality play not only within BDSM but one's self.

Letting people know it is ok to have other styles of play and to be sexual within your play.

Space for all to feel safe to talk about other styles of play that is not currently at the forefront of Discussion in the BDSM community plus can be made to feel a bit taboo about it.

Discussions alongside when able to or suitable demonstrations will be held at the same time to help show how the act of plays can be done.

Hopefully, after Discussions/Demonstrations are given, you will feel enlightened to go out feeling free to play in the way you like fall with all new ideas and enough knowledge to go explore further. 

SeN SIG is going to work on dates and time that will work for the guest speakers or people from the community who are putting their hands up to help run events. This will mean events will not be on the same days or time’s within the same month or it may even maybe a month in-between event.

The Comments and styles of play shown by the guest speakers or people from the community are done in the way they play or see things.

We are not at any point and time saying this is how nor the only way you should be doing things.

If anything upsets you or offends you that is on you, we are all adults and respect each other by acting like it.

You will need to replace pronouns with the right wording that works for you, we are not the P.C Police and will not go down that road as we are very different in the way we do things.

Purvie_Bear - May 2021