Party Venues

Venues - can you help us?

Over the years we have seen a shrinking pool of kink friendly venues.

We are probably going to lose another venue in the near future. This really limits the type of event and layout we can offer for UB events.

If you know of a new venue, please let us know the details
- email

Factors UB will need consider:

  • Cost - this reflects on the ticket price

  • Social awareness - no schools, no churches

  • Privacy available

  • Parking

  • Size

  • Play & breakout spaces

  • Seating options

  • Kitchen facilities

  • Bathrooms

  • Two day hire for set up and pack down

  • Late night access

  • Risk assessment of property to ensure the safety of people attending

  • Booking information we give

If you have access to an industrial warehouse/larger complex that can be hired for 2 days, we would love to know.

We have tried the obvious locations, some, unfortunately, are not suitable or priced for a kink event.

We hope you can help us!

Sorry, we do need detailed information rather than:
have you tried the hall next to the green building on Lincoln Road".