Services for UB Members

An autoclave is used in medical and laboratory settings to sterilize lab equipment and waste. Autoclave sterilization works by using heat to kill microorganisms such as bacteria and spores. The heat is delivered by pressurized steam.

If you are unsure of what can/cannot be autoclaved we recommend you research this topic



UB is offering an Autoclave Service

  • Available to UB Members

  • Items must fit an Autoclave Envelope - various sizes up to 20cm x 11cm

  • Items must be clean before being sterilised, we recommend wiped down with an anti-bacterial product ensuring no bodily fluids or dirt are visible

  • A charge of $10 per Envelope to process and run through the Autoclave

  • 50% Discount for multiple Envelopes on the same run cycle

  • Where possible we will use renewable energy to operate the Autoclave, keeping your kink Green.

  • Drop off/pick up & turn round time to be arranged by emailing

UB purchased the Autoclave from the late SteveC, who passed away in 2021.
SteveC had offered this service to UB members over the previous 10 years and the UB Steering Committee agreed that the purchase was an important resource for members to access.