Take III

New date: 11 September 2021

Registration details to follow


The year is 2021... society, as we know it, has collapsed and, in it's place, a whole new dystopian world has emerged. A grim metropolis filled with various factions of the cybernetically enhanced.

Bored with mere attack ships off the shoulder of Orion? Over the C-beams glittering in the dark, near the Tannhauser gate?

Crawl out of the gutter of your broken neon dreams and bathe your soul with the sins of the techlords. Be you input, output or a custom creation.

So come on all you Nomads and Wasteland drifters, you Corpos, Deckheads and Stim Whores. Jack into the amoral wonderland of the body corporate and get some meat action with your best Joytoy. Find your own digital shaman to help you transcend this world of filth and despair, if only for a night.

What are you waiting for... take the red pill, and click the link below to register, to stay in wonderland and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Fasten your seatbelt Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye-bye

Once you SUBMIT the form
  1. Your Registration (Google Forms) you will receive a confirmation message on your device screen.
  2. There will also be an email from GOOGLE FORMS and a copy of your registration, please keep this for your records.
  3. All updates to the event will be listed on the UB Website.

If you have issues:

Party Rules

Normal UB Play Party Rules will apply.

You must have attended a UB Orientation & Etiquette Workshop in the last 2 years, we hold these workshops at the end of each monthly Munch.

It is your responsibility to have attended a UB Orientation prior to an event.

Read the Party Guide

Strict Dress Code

When Registrations go over 125, names will go on to a waiting list.





Uncommon Bonds (Christchurch) hosts our major play party in late February each year and invites kinky people from all over New Zealand to join us in a night of fun and excitement.

The first of these was held in 2003, and was the original “Classical Spanks” - a name that is a play on a local Christchurch event known as “Classical Sparks”, staged by the Christchurch City Council.

2003 - “Classical Spanks”

2004 - “Whatever Spins Your Propeller”

2005 - “Industrial Strength”

2006 - “Sparks in the Dark - Whatever Flicks Your Switch”

2007 - “The Devil Made Me Do It!”

2008 - St Elmo’s Infirmary - “For those sick of ordinary times”

2009 - “Come Pop Your cherry - Blossom”

2010 - “2010 - A Spanks Odyssey”

2011 - “Rock & Roll”

2012 - “Carnivale & Freak Show”

2013 - "Bedlam"

2014 - "Malice in Wonderland"

2015 - "Science Fiction"

2016 - "Gangsters & Molls"

2017 - "Game of Thrones"

2018 - "Steampunk"

2019 - "Red Wedding"

2020 - Postponed due to COVID-19

2021 - "Cyberpunk::Cybergoth" Reloaded