International Kink Health Survey

UB is an Ally of TASHRA

Uncommon Bounds will be helping with the 2021 International Kink Health Survey.
We will post the survey link on this page when it goes live in August 2021.

Details of the Survey

My name is Robert Odell, a researcher on a team of sexuality and healthcare professionals seeking to improve the health of kink-oriented people. Because of your standing in Kink communities, I am writing to request Uncommon Bounds' support for the 2021 International Kink Health Survey (“IKHS”).


IKHS is led by our principal investigator, Richard Sprott, Ph.D., and CFO of The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance (TASHRA), an international non-profit based in northern California. TASHRA is committed to the health, healthcare and well-being of kink-involved individuals & communities.


IKHS will launch worldwide in August 2021 with approved international standards for protecting human subjects and data. Learn more at


IKHS builds on TASHRA’s groundbreaking 2016 National Kink Health Survey. IKHS deepens research on physical and mental health, healthcare access and utilization. It examines kink intersections with sexuality, gender identity, race, social stigma, sex work and kink community.

Over the past two years, a diverse team of 35+ professionals - researchers, physicians, sex therapists & sexologists, mental health professionals and kink community members - have created the most comprehensive survey to date of kink-related health and healthcare experiences.

Can we work together?

UB will be an Ally by helping us promote IKHS and recruit respondents worldwide.

How to be an IKHS Ally:

  • #1: Send up to three e-mail messages with us, over a six month period, to your primary email list.

  • TASHRA staff will coordinate with you and deliver all copy and graphic services.

For Allies: TASHRA will exchange logos on our respective websites. We will display your support in IKHS advertising and publications and seek collaboration in social media.

I will be your liaison to support your participation with us. Thank you for considering your assistance to IKHS. If you have any questions, please reply to me directly.

Yours in gratitude,

Robert Odell, LICSW

Community Services Director