Greeters are members of UB that volunteer to help newcomers to the group, online and at Munches

We understand coming to your first Munch or an event is a big step in your kinky journey. 

To make this easier, UB have a group of Greeters from various ages and backgrounds available to help talk you through these first steps to the UB community.

Greeters can meet individuals or groups before a much to help with the anxiety of coming to an event or at the start of an event. 

Greeters are there to help. If you have anxiety or phobias or are just really nervous - let us know, and we will try and make your first event easier to manage.

To contact the Greeters email, or their individual FetLife profiles. 

Greeters' roles can cover the following: 

Please Note: 


This page was updated on: 14 June 2022