Here are some of the people who help run UB

UB Members

UB Members can

We would recommend you protect your confidentiality by

      1. Having a separate kink email address

      2. Not posting face pictures on general forums or Fetlife

      3. Don't give out your mobile number

      4. Don't use your real name

DM'S (Dungeon Monitors)

  • A formally trained individual, charged with the safety & monitoring of UB events

  • Typically, trusted and active members of the BDSM community

  • An impartial independent group – Not governed by UB

  • Can run UB Orientation & Etiquette Workshop


Party Organisers

  • Provide information and support to UB Members

      • Face to face

      • Email

      • Fetlife

      • Munches

      • Parties & Events

  • Manage UB funds for the benefit of UB Members and report at Munch

      • Process and record all receipts

      • Manage account package

      • Access bank records

      • Match payments to registrations for each event

      • Report at Munch

      • Manage EFPOS Card

      • Visit bank to make cash payments

  • Communications

      • Once a month Steering Group Meeting (2-3 hours)

      • Agile communications via Messenger Groups

      • Pre Munch meeting

  • Munch

      • Help facilitate the Munches in an inclusive manner

      • Access and report on the UB funds

      • Bank the Munch Donations

      • Ensure the Munch Minutes (Volunteer) are taken

      • Send out the Munch Minutes via the mailing list - View previous Munch Minutes

      • Upload Minutes on to UB Webpage

      • Send out the Munch Reminders

      • Set up Fetlife Events for future Munch's

      • Book venue each month

  • Manage the UB Website

      • Ensure content is up to date

      • Add new events

      • Monitor Google Analytics

  • UB Mailing List & Calendar

      • Add people to the mailing list

      • Add events to the UB Calendar

  • Support Orientations & Greeters

      • Assist in training of Greeters

      • Passing on email requests to Greeters

      • Communications on upcoming events

      • Monitoring Party Registrations and forwarding requests for Orientations

  • Support Party organisers and events

      • Assist with Google Forms & Eventbrite

      • Assist with Communications

      • Assist with matching Payments to Registrations

      • Assist with access to UB funds and EFPOS Card

      • Assist with budgets

  • Help organise UB Elections

      • Nominations system

      • Contact all nominated persons and check if they wish to stand

      • Voting system

      • Clear system with independent revue from the Ethics Committee

  • Run the UB Election Party

  • Can run UB Orientation & Etiquette Workshop


Nobody gets paid, we are all volunteers helping the community.