How do I pay for a Party

We check two things for everyone attending a UB Party


Managing a Party or an event is always complicated.

Here is the clear, step by step process that is followed to ensure transparency and fairness:

  1. UB Parties are paid for in advance by Bank Transfer into the UB Account.

  2. We do not accept cash on the door.

  3. There will be a "pay by date",
    - please ensure your payment is made by that date,
    - allowing time for the bank transfer to take place.

  4. Please use the name you registered for the party with, as your Bank Reference
    - If you don't we will be unable to match the payment to the registration
    - Yes people use different names!

  5. A payment reminder email will be sent.

  6. If there is no payment by the due date
    - your registration may be cancelled and in some cases,
    your place will be given to anyone on a waiting list for the party.

  7. If you have paid - a confirmation email will be sent to you.

  8. If you have a query, email and they can check with the organiser.

  9. The location email and party details are normally sent a few days before the event to everyone who has:
    - paid into the UB Bank Account
    - and attended an Orientation & Etiquette Workshop.


  • Add to your contacts list to stop party emails from going to spam

  • Trying to communicate with the organisers on the day of the event to sort an issue is normally pointless as they will be busy setting up the party

UB Bank Account Details

  • Since: August 2018

  • Bank: BNZ

  • Account: 12 - 3100 - 0416904 - 01