Please do not come to UB Events if you are sick or showing cold-like symptoms

UB COVID Policy Requirements

This Policy is under review as the Government announces changes during March/April 2022.

  • UB will require all attendees at UB hosted events at a public venue to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. This must be clearly communicated to those attending.

  • Events held at private homes are exempt and the homeowner must decide their requirement on vaccine passes. This must be clearly communicated to those attending.

  • We will use the ‘My Vaccine Pass’ system where appropriate as the best way to validate an individual’s vaccination status now that the Government’s Covid-19 Protection Framework is in place. 

  • Confidentiality is a paramount consideration for UB. Vaccine Pass Information will only be viewed for compliance, No personal information will be recorded, stored or held by UB.

The traffic light system

New Zealand moved to a traffic light system on 3 December 2021.

This new approach to COVID-19 will introduce more freedoms for vaccinated New Zealanders.

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