Registering For Events

Each event can vary, but the general processes are listed below.
Always read the posted Event Description - please do not assume.

Why do I need to register for events?

I Registered, what else do I need to know?

  • Registrations and payments must be reconciled before the event location is sent out.

  • Any event location information that is sent out is Private & Confidential and not to be shared.

  • Ticking going on Fetlife is not registering for an event.

  • The Scene Name you Register under, must also be the Bank Reference.

  • If you turn up to an event and you have not registered
    you may be asked to leave.

  • If you turn up to an event and have brought someone who has not registered
    you may also be asked to leave.

  • Read the Party Guide.

  • Certain Venues and Private Houses: ROAR - Right of Admission is Reserved

Why does UB not accept cash at the door?

  • This causes cash security issues for event organisers on the night.

  • Cash means someone has to go to the bank, carrying cash.

  • During COVID-19 we became cashless to avoid another route of transmission.

  • Cheques are no longer valid in NZ from 25 June 2021.

  • Electronic Payment is widespread in NZ.

  • UB Bank Account.

  • Read the guide: How do I pay for a Party or Event.

I didn't receive the Event Location Information?

  1. Check your Email

  2. Check your SPAM Folder

  3. Check that you Registered & Paid by the deadline

  • Did you receive a confirmation of your registration

  • Did you receive a reminder for payment

  • If you didn't pay by the deadline, your registration may have been cancelled

  • If you paid after the deadline did you contact the event organiser

  1. Check you paid with your Scene Name

  2. Contact the Event Organiser

  3. Email:

  4. Remember on the day of the event organisers, will be busy setting up. You may not receive a reply.

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is a payment and ticketing application that may be used for certain UB events.

  • Accepts Debit & Credit Cards

  • Produces Digital Tickets

  • Manages Registrations Online

  • Manges Refunds

  • Name Badges

  • Secure Personalised Emails

  • 100% Certainty - that you booked a ticket for an event

  • Private unpublished UB Events

This page was updated on: 8 June 2021