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Christchurch Rope Group is back underway for another year of ropey fun and learning, welcoming all to the world of Japanese rope bondage. Any experience level welcome.

A new round of beginners classes will start 29/1/2020

Details here:

Currently each block is 5 sessions, running every second Wednesday.

There are no prerequisites and the course can be joined at any time as classes are not progressive, though starting at the beginning is useful.

Alongside beginners classes there will also be TK instruction and suspension basics being taught for those who have previously completed the beginners cycle.

We look forward to seeing some of last year's students back and hopefully lots of new faces as well.

Events Overview

Below is a quick overview of each of the different events that we run on a regular basis and that can be found on our Events Calendar.

The lesson structure can be found here.

Rope Night - Open Rope

Come one, come all to Christchurch Rope’s Open Rope Night! Part of our fortnightly rotation, Open Rope is pretty much what it says on the tin: a night where The Hangar has been opened for the purpose of rope! Any and all skill levels are welcome, from the brand new to the aficionado. Suspension points will be up, mats out, and access to rope group supplies available. This night is made for practice, a shared love of rope, and learning from one another, so don’t be shy! Ask questions about the cool thing you saw someone just do! Or for a spotter when trying something new! We only ask you remember your manners when doing so - wait until someone is finished, rather than in the middle of a tie, and don't touch without asking (that goes for both people and their stuff).

So why not come hang out? You’re more than welcome here!

Rope Night - Beginners

Saw that cool rope picture but have no idea where to start? Been a while since you’ve tied and need a refresher? Heard about shibari through the grapevine and want to see what it’s all about? This is the event for you! Running bi-weekly, Beginner’s Night at Christchurch Rope is a relaxed, welcoming environment where you can learn to master the basics and kick-start your rope journey! Our experienced group leaders will take you through step by step to learn what you need to know to enjoy yourself with rope - in whatever form that may take. We have a strong safety focus and will also teach you how to manage the risk of physical injury, negotiate the night away, and know your tools inside and out.

No experience, equipment, or partner necessary!

For the more experienced of you out there, never fear! There’s plenty of room for you to come and hang out on these nights too. Suspension points and mats will be available, like always.


Just like rope nights, except during the day! Held in the afternoon of the third Sunday of every month, this provides an opportunity for people who can’t make our weekly events to come along and join in the fun. This event follows with our standard event rotation, being either a beginner or open rope event as dictated by whichever one was earlier in the week. For the forecast of which style event this will be, check out our calendar here, or see the local events page on Fetlife.

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