• Events

    We hold regular monthly munches, as well as a number of play parties and workshops during the year.  We also hold a major play party each year, called Spanks

    The regular play parties are approximately once a month.  We also hold regular workshops, again around once a month.  Where the parties and workshops happen in the month varies, so it pays to check out when the next one is coming up

    If you are over 18, and a ‘known’ member of the Uncommon Bonds group and have attended a Party Orientation Workshop, or are likewise a known member of one of the other New Zealand BDSM community groups in good standing, you are generally welcome at our play parties.  We do, however, insist on people registering, normally by e-mail to  party@uncommonbonds.org.nz

    Events will be on the Calendar on this site, are also generally listed on FetLife, and you’ll see reminders for most events if you’re on the Mailing List.

  • Munches

    We hold our regular munches on the second Tuesday evening of each month.
    The munch has a business section which starts at 7:30 pm and people arrive from 6:30 pm onwards in order to socialise over a drink and a meal.

    We currently use the upstairs room at the Twisted Hop Pub, Woolston, as a venue. It is at 616 Ferry Road in Woolston  This is between Oak Street and Catherine Street. Click here for a map

    We have the function area up the stairs that you’ll see on your right. Order food and drinks from the bar downstairs.

    At the start of the business section we have a discussion around various topics such as past/upcoming events etc... this usually takes around 30 minutes, depending on how much has been happening and what is coming up, or if there is some general business item that needs to be discussed. After this why not stay, chat, socialise and just generally enjoy the rest of the evening!

    Venue closes: 11:00 pm

    If you arrive a little late, don’t be shy, come on up.

    Dress code - Munch venues are public places, so you’ll not find everyone turning up dressed for a party.  Rather, we likely seen by those not in the know as being a typical social group or club, perhaps just with a preference for black clothing.

    Donation - We collect a gold coin donation at the munch towards group funds.  It helps to pay for such things as web sites, party costs, advertising, new play equipment, etc.

  • Play Parties

    We try to hold a play party at least once every second month.
    They are announced on the UB mailing list and on FetLife:  https://fetlife.com/groups/38899

    Sometimes they are themed, sometimes not.

    We list Play Parties on the Calendar, also on FetLife, as well as sending reminders via the Mailing List.

    Note that simply saying you are attending by clicking “Going” on FetLife does not constitute registering. This will always be done by email, to an official Uncommon Bonds email address, generally party@uncommonbonds.org.nz. The address will always be in the event listing.

    There is a general guide to Play Parties in the BDSM world located under the Information section.

    We expect those attending a play party to have attended a Party Orientation, within the previous two years.

    Always remember - what happens at a Play Party, stays at a Play Party!

  • Party Orientation

    Uncommon Bonds has a policy that, prior to attending an Uncommon Bonds play party, people attend a Party Orientation Workshop. We also recommend that longer term members do a refresher every two years.

    These workshops are a mandatory requirement before you attend an Uncommon Bonds play party.  That is, you will have attended a Party Orientation workshop run by Uncommon Bonds, or a recognized equivalent workshop with your 'home' group (often called a Safety & EttiquetteWorkshop), if you are from another BDSM group within New Zealand.

    Workshops take around an hour to complete. There is a lot of material to cover, plus time for discussion, as well as socializing. They are intended to be both fun and informative.  There is no cost to attend.

    When registering for a party, please mention to the organisers if you need to attend an orientation workshop, or need directions to one already scheduled.

  • Spanks

    Uncommon Bonds hosts our major play party in late February or early March each year and invites kinky people from all over New Zealand to join us in a night of fun and excitement.  The first of these was held in 2003, and was the original “Classical Spanks” - a name that is a play on a local Christchurch event known as “Classical Sparks”, staged by the Christchurch City Council.

    • 2002 - Roman Night [not a Spanks, as such, but was a definite forerunner to it!]
    • 2003 - “Classical Spanks”
    • 2004 - “Whatever Spins Your Propeller”
    • 2005 - “Industrial Strength”
    • 2006 - “Sparks in the Dark - Whatever Flicks Your Switch”
    • 2007 - “The Devil Made Me Do It!”
    • 2008 - St Elmo’s Infirmary - “For those sick of ordinary times”
    • 2009 - “Come Pop Your cherry - Blossom”
    • 2010 - “2010 - A Spanks Odyssey”
    • 2011 - “Rock & Roll”
    • 2012 - “Carnivale & Freak Show”
    • 2013 - “Bedlam”
    • 2014 - Malice in Wonderland! - Who Stole the Tarts
    • 2015 - Spanks Sci-fi
    • 2016 - Gangsters and Molls
    • 2017 - Game of Thrones
    • 2018 - 


  • Workshops

    Workshops come on a wide range of topics and are run frequently. Some are organized by the group as a whole, some are organized by SIGs and some are the initiative of individuals. Cost to attend workshops range from free (such as the Party Orientation workshop) to more expensive (workshops from overseas presenters, or where there are costs for consumables for the workshop) but we generally aim to keep them within reach of all members. Some workshops may also attract a UB subsidy .

    Topics range from basic (also known as ‘101’ level) through to advanced (‘301’ level or above), and cater to a wide range of skill levels and interests. They may be on a single topic, or there may be a whole range of topics covered in a single weekend.

    Like most Uncommon Bonds events, they’ll show up in the Calendar here, on FetLife and on the Mailing List. Registration for workshops is by email, and the email address will be in the event listing.